Experienced Immigration and Refugee Lawyer in Toronto and GTA

Jasmin Sandhu is an immigration and refugee lawyer that is here to help you with all your immigration and Refugee concerns regarding situations such as status and citizenship.

Jasmin Sandhu Law prides itself on offering compassionate care to all clients, striving to help you secure your right to stay in Canada. We recognize that immigration law is extremely complex and can be overwhelming to approach, but we’re here to make this easier for you.

Are You Looking For An Immigration Lawyer In Toronto & GTA?

Are you a recent immigrant or refugee seeking asylum in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area?

Jasmin Sandhu Law is here to help. We provide a wide range of services, including managing visas, work status, permanent residence, citizenship, and so much more. When you’re an immigrant or asylum seeker, dealing with the system can feel like an uphill climb.

We strive to create a simple and stress-free process to navigate all things refugee claims, judicial reviews, and appeals, finding the best ways to represent you and your unique circumstances.

We understand that your case will be entirely different to other clients, but that’s why we believe in a tailored approach to consider your unique circumstances and help you fight for your status. Jasmin Sandhu has a comprehensive understanding of immigration law and its relationship with the criminal justice system, so if you’re looking for an immigration lawyer who can advise you despite a criminal conviction, then Jasmin Sadhu can help.

Jasmin Sandhu is a passionate immigration Lawyer who is focused on securing the best possible outcome for her clients and has extensive experience ensuring that each case is dealt with care, consideration and integrity.

How Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

It’s important to recognize that immigration and asylum law is incredibly complex and can leave many confused or overwhelmed. With this, you might have a lot of questions about an applicant’s eligibility for programs such as visas, work or student visas, and refugee status. 

However, it’s always important to give yourself the best possible chance at securing your desired outcome by seeking help from experienced immigration Lawyers. Immigration Lawyers use their comprehensive subject matter knowledge to navigate the law to ensure you secure the right outcome for your case. Immigration law and IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) is complex and very ambiguous. 

With this comes a lot of room for error, especially if you choose to represent yourself when securing status. As all levels of the immigration system and eligibility requirements differ, it’s important to secure help from an experienced immigration lawyer who can help you understand your eligibility and whether you’re able to apply. We understand refusals can be tough to manage, but they can be detrimental to your case, so it’s best to seek help from a lawyer who can compile effective strategies that avoid stress, complications, and delays. 

Jasmin Sandhu Law has extensive experience navigating this complex part of Canadian immigration law and is ready to use this experience resolving intersections of immigration and criminal law to your advantage. We understand that criminality can provide a significant barrier to securing status in Canada; however, Jasmin Sandhu’s experience in the criminal system ensures that someone with comprehensive insight who can strategize on how best to manage and overcome these complications can deal with your case. 

We can also provide you with representation at the Federal Court of Canada and assist with all things to do with attaining status for you, your spouse, and your family. No situation is too complex for us to manage. We can help you start a new life or appeal previous rejections to help give you the fairest chance possible. 

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What Makes Jasmin Sandhu Law Different from other Immigration Lawyers?

We understand that choosing an immigration lawyer can be a challenging decision, as you’ll want to make the best decision to support your case.

Jasmin Sandhu Law is able to offer you compassionate and friendly help while using extensive experience in the criminal justice system and immigration law to come to resolutions that suit you.

Jasmin Sandhu Law is also able to offer services in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Punjabi and English, making legal services accessible to all of our clients.