About Jasmin Sandhu

Jasmin Sandhu is a specialist immigration and refugee law firm in Ontario that provides a huge range of services that include permanent residency services, visas, asylum claims, appeals, and much more!

Jasmin Sandhu is a Toronto-based immigration and refugee lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and a Notary Public in Ontario. 


Jasmin Sandhu is entirely dedicated to providing fair access to comprehensive legal services for all immigration and asylum claimants in Canada. We strive to provide clients with the best-in-class legal services and to be the best immigration lawyers.

In addition to these services, Jasmin Sandhu is a member of Justice Net, a not-for-profit organization that provides legal services to those in need, and of the Legal Aid panel, which provides legal services to people in economic hardship.

As an Ontario immigration lawyer, Jasmin Sandhu makes legal services accessible and affordable for all her clients, as she is passionate about advocating for all!

Not only is she passionate about providing comprehensive legal services for all immigration and asylum seekers, but she also has extensive legal experience in criminal defense counsel.

This provides her with unique subject matter knowledge that allows her to solve complex legal problems and enables her to manage complex relationships between immigration status and criminal matters.

Jasmin Sandhu also focuses on those detained for immigration purposes, helping those who want to settle in Canada understand their rights and helping them access the assistance that they need.

Ontario Immigration Lawyer Services

What sets Jasmin Sandhu apart is the comprehensive legal services she offers. She handles all matters regarding immigration and refugee issues, including assisting visitors with visas, refugee claims, appeals, citizenship, and so much more. She also offers extensive permanent residency support for both you and your family.

So if your spouse, or family members, such as a parent or grandparent, are looking for permanent residence in Canada, Jasmin Sandhu is here to help.

Despite initial rejections, we can help you appeal decisions from the Immigration Appeal Division and Refugee Protection Division to achieve your desired result. The best possible outcome will always be our goal, regardless of your service requirements.

Diverse Language Options To Access An Ontario Immigration Lawyer

Jasmin Sandhu believes in making legal services accessible for as many people as possible, so that’s why we offer services in different languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Breaking down these language barriers helps her better communicate the law with you and enables her to understand your unique case on a deeper level.

We hope this will instill confidence in our clients and demonstrates that we’re committed to helping you, no matter what your background is.

The availability of services in several languages also enables us to better understand the particulars of your case, and this can make all the difference to the way it will be handled according to the complex intersections of immigration law.

If you speak Punjabi or Hindi, you can speak to us with complete confidence, knowing that a fluent speaker will be able to help you!

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