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An Ontario-based immigration lawyer, Jasmin Sandhu is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public in Ontario. Jasmin Sandhu Law can support Toronto residents with a number of immigration matters.

Immigration Lawyer, Mississauga

For an immigration lawyer in Mississauga, Jasmin Sandhu should be your first call. She can support many applications, including those for permanent residency, temporary resident permits, and visas.
With lakefront sights, incredible conservation areas, and an impressive shopping mall, Mississauga is a large and popular city in the GTA. Jasmin love working here, and is excited to meet clients from all over Mississauga. Find out more about what Jasmin Sandhu does in the city below.

Immigration Services in Mississauga

Services offered by Jasmin Sandhu Law in Mississauga are explained below.

Visa Applications: Work Permit, Study Permit, and More

A visa offers you legal access to Canada for a short period. Often people use visas to work or study in the country, but they are also used for travel. If you're going through the process of renewing your visa or need to appeal a rejection, then Jasmin Sandhu Law can help you out.

Refugee Claims and the Refugee Protection Division

Under the Canadian immigration system, you may claim asylum at any of the entry points, be it land, air, or sea. You are usually asked to fill out applications by the Border Office, but having legal representation can be useful, particularly if you end up going through immigration appeals. Jasmin Sandhu offers services to anyone in Mississauga currently seeking asylum.


The Immigration and Refugee Board may choose to reject applications for a number of reasons and, as such, having immigration lawyers on hand can help you out. Jasmin Sandhu can support you if you have found yourself in a situation where you need to appeal a decision of the court and will support you through the process.

Judicial Review

A judicial review is meant to challenge a decision of the Federal Court of Canada. In the Federal Court, you will likely want supportive representation. If your judicial review concerns immigration matters, Jasmin Sandhu has the experience to offer you impeccable representation.

Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is different from becoming a citizen. You may already have a temporary resident visa and the best immigration lawyers will be able to help you through the process of becoming a permanent resident. Jasmin Sandhu Law offers services for those wishing to become Canadian permanent residents.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

Lastly, Canadian citizenship requires lots of work and could result in appeals, too. A Mississauga immigration lawyer, like Jasmin Sandhu, can support you through the process to ensure you have the best chance possible of gaining citizenship in Canada.

Language Services in Mississauga

To ensure all immigration services are as accessible as possible, Jasmin offers them in a number of languages, including Punjabi, English, and Hindi. This helps Jasmin to support clients from all walks of life.

Immigration Process

The immigration process in Canada consists of many programs, including provincial nominee programs, applications for permanent resident status, refugee claims, and many more. As such, the entire process can be incredibly overwhelming. An experienced immigration lawyer can support you through the full process to ensure program requirements are met.
Jasmin Sandhu Law has lots of experience getting clients in the region through these complex immigration matters and supporting them with everything, from family sponsorship to a visitor visa.

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