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Jasmin Sandhu Law is an Ontario-based immigration law firm. A member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public in Ontario, Jasmin Sandhu should be your first call for all immigration cases in Whitby, Ontario.

Immigration Law Firm, Whitby, Ontario

For immigration services in Whitby, Ontario, there is only one law firm you should turn to; Jasmin Sandhu Law.

On the north shore of Lake Ontario, Whitby is a great place to live and work. With lots of nature reserves, trails, and parks, working in the area is a refreshing escape from the city. Jasmin Sandhu has worked with clients across Whitby and the rest of Ontario, and she can help you, too.

Immigration Services in Whitby

Immigration services offered by Jasmin Sandhu in the Whitby area are detailed below.

Visa Applications: Work Permits, Study Abroad, and More

A visa lets you reside in Canada for a short period. There are many kinds of visas, including ones that let you live, study, and work in the country. The type you need will affect the documentation you need to provide.

The visa application process can be a little complex, so if you’re in need of some support, Jasmin Sandhu can help. With years of experience handling visa applications, she’s got the expertise necessary to make the entire process seamless.

Refugee Claims and the Refugee Protection Division

In Canada, you can seek asylum at a number of ports of entry, including land, sea, and air. You will be asked to fill out a claim form by the Border Office, but having an immigration lawyer present throughout the process can make it much simpler.

If you need an immigration lawyer for refugee claims in Whitby, then Jasmin Sandhu can help you out.


In immigration law, appeals can be part of a number of cases, including visa applications, refugee claims, and applications for permanent residency. The appeals process can be overwhelming and the support of an immigration lawyer can ensure the whole thing goes quickly.

Jasmin Sandhu has experience in immigration law and has spent many years handling appeals. This means she’s an excellent choice if you need legal representation through an appeal.

Judicial Review

A judicial review is a challenge to a decision made by a court. It is different from an appeal, takes place in the Federal Court of Canada, and requires legal representation. If you’re launching a judicial review into a case regarding immigration law, speak with Jasmin Sandhu and find out how she can support you through the process.

Permanent Residence

To become a permanent resident in Canada, you need to meet a stringent set of requirements. The process can be lengthy, but the support of an immigration lawyer can ensure it is stress-free.

Jasmin Sandhu has been helping residents of Whitby seek permanent residence in Canada for a long time and she could help you, too.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

Applying for Canadian citizenship is a lengthy process, but Jasmin Sandhu Law can support you through it all. If you’re from the Whitby area and looking for legal representation, then Jasmin will be able to support you through your citizenship application!

Language Services in Whitby

Jasmin Sandhu Law is all about accessibility, and it's for this reason that services can be conducted in three languages, namely Punjabi, Hindi, and English. This means that Jasmin can understand the complexities of your case, no matter which language services are provided in.

Immigration Process

Canadian immigration law is multifaceted and includes everything from the federal skilled worker program and federal skilled trades program to visa applications and study permits. It can be difficult to navigate without legal representation, so seeking out an experienced immigration lawyer in Whitby is a good idea.

Whatever immigration matter you need support with, Jasmin Sandhu has the expertise to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. With years of experience dealing with complex immigration matters, she is the right person to turn to.

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