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Are you looking for a lawyer to help you with your permanent residence application in Toronto and the GTA? Jasmin Sandhu Law could help you out. An experienced and dedicated immigration law firm, Jasmin Sandhu Law works across a wide range of services, from visas to asylum claims to permanent residency services.

Our permanent residence services in Toronto cover many different areas, including sponsorship, economic applications, and residency on humanitarian grounds. To find out more about the services we offer, take a look below.

Permanent Residence Cards in Toronto

Every Canadian permanent resident is required to hold a permanent residence card (PR card) and it is required to re-enter Canada via plane, train, or boat. It is a small, wallet-sized card and is automatically given to new permanent residents as part of the immigration process.

Applying for a permanent resident card is pretty straightforward, especially with help from Jasmin Sandhu Law. You are entitled to apply for a permanent residence card if you meet the following criteria.

  • You became a permanent resident before June 28, 2002
  • You became a permanent resident after or on June 28, 2002, but have not received your PR card yet
  • Your PR card has been stolen, is lost, or has expired

In line with these criteria, there are three different avenues that applications for PR cards may take.

These include:

  • Application for your first PR card
  • Application for a lost, stolen or expired PR card
  • Application for the urgent processing of a PR card

We recommend all PR cardholders ensure that their card is valid and in their possession when travelling outside of Canada. Re-entry may be delayed if you do not have the correct travel documents to re-enter Canada, which could impact your permanent resident status.

For more information on PR cards or help with an application or renewal, Jasmin Sandhu Law is here to help!

Different Options For Permanent Residence in Canada

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada means that you are entitled to the following:

  • Reside, study, and work anywhere in Canada
  • Be protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as Canadian laws
  • Be a recipient of most of the social benefits that are offered to Canadian citizens (this includes healthcare coverage)
  • Apply for citizenship in Canada

While permanent residents are entitled to many rights, they cannot vote, run for political office, or have jobs that require very high levels of security clearance.

A permanent resident is different from a Canadian citizen. A citizen is someone who was born in Canada, was naturalized, was born to a Canadian citizen even while living outside of Canada, or was adopted by a Canadian citizen after Jan 1, 1947.

There are many pathways to permanent residency in Canada, and at Jasmin Sandhu Law, we can help you with them all.

Take a look below to learn more about the different programs and options open to you.


Sponsorship is when a Canadian citizen or permanent resident applies to sponsor a family member, spouse, conjugal partner, or dependent to immigrate to Canada too. There are a few different types of sponsorship, including spousal sponsorship and parent or grandparent sponsorship.

We offer services to support you through the process of sponsorship, ensuring you have all the correct information and documents to get your loved ones here too.

Economic Class

There are many economic and federal programs that you can use to gain permanent resident status in Canada too. These can include skilled workers and trades programs as well as the provincial nominee program. In general, these programs require you to have skills or be adept in trades that are in need in Canada.

Humanitarian Grounds

Canadian immigration law also permits people to enter and remain in the country on humanitarian grounds. If you do not meet the criteria for a visa to Canada, you can still apply for permanent residency (even if you don’t meet the criteria discussed in the above sections) on compassionate or humanitarian grounds.

If you think that you may be able to apply for permanent residency on these grounds, speak with a team member at Jasmin Sandhu Law today to find out more.

So if your spouse, or family members, such as a parent or grandparent, are looking for permanent residence in Canada, Jasmin Sandhu is here to help.

Despite initial rejections, we can help you appeal decisions from the Immigration Appeal Division and Refugee Protection Division to achieve your desired result. The best possible outcome will always be our goal, regardless of your service requirements.

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