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As immigration and refugee law is complex, we strive to provide an extensive range of services to ensure you get the right help that you need.

We provide many immigration and refugee services that assist you in multiple ways. From citizenship to appeals, we’re ready to help you. Here are some of the services we offer at our immigration law firm in Toronto!


While the concept of a visa is relatively simple, securing one for either work, leisure or study can be complex. A visa is an official document that authorizes your entry to a country. These need to be issued by the foreign government offices in Canada for you to enter the country legally.

There are a few reasons why visas can be rejected, but if you’re struggling with your visa application or you have had your visa rejected, then we can help. We also offer services for extensions of visitor records, as well as navigating any changing conditions for your stay.

Refugee Claims

Border offices will ask you to complete application forms, but this can be a complicated process. Jasmin Sandhu is here to help with this and ensure claimants are able to do this in a fair and secure environment.

If you flee your country due to a risk of persecution or risk to your life, you will be able to apply for asylum in Canada and apply for refugee status to keep you safe on Canadian soil. You can apply for refugee protection at any entry port in Canada, including airports, seaports and land borders.


Rejections can be disheartening, but they don’t need to be the end of your case. Jasmin Sandhu provides legal services that include helping you during your appeals process. We can help you appeal decisions from the Immigration Appeal Division, Refugee Protection Division and Refugee Appeal Division to ensure you secure the status you deserve. We’ll exhaust every avenue to prove that refugee status is the fairest decision for you. However, appeals don’t just refer to refugee status. We can help you appeal rejections related to visas such as working or student visas, citizenship and permanent residency!

Judicial Review

If you require representation at the Federal Court of Canada to support your appeal against the decision from a previous rejection, we can help you. 

We can ensure that you submit your appeal and any required documentation by the deadline and provide you with legal advice that can benefit your case. We’ll provide you with the best-supporting points to prove why the initial decision was wrong to help you secure your desired outcome.

Permanent Residence

We can help you apply for permanent residence in Canada, as well as help you with renewals and initiating applications. We also assist in a broad range of programs, including spousal sponsorship, family sponsorship, humanitarian and compassionate application, provincial and federal permanent residence, express entry, and provincial nominee.


Applying for citizenship to become a citizen of Canada can be a long and complex process, but we’re here to help. We can help you prepare for your application and give you all the tools you need to secure citizenship!

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