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Jasmin Sandhu Law Firm is an Ontario-based immigration law firm. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public in Ontario, Jasmin Sandhu can help you with many matters regarding immigration law.

Immigration Lawyer, Woodbridge

For the services of an immigration lawyer in Woodbridge, Jasmin Sandhu should be your first call. She has much experience with the Canadian immigration process and can support you in a variety of matters.
With impressive nature reserves along the Humber River, Woodbridge is a beautiful place to live. Jasmin spends lots of time with her clients in this area. Take a look below to find out what Jasmin Sandhu does in Woodbridge.

Immigration Services in Woodbridge

The services you can seek at Jasmin Sandhu Law are explained below.

Visa Applications: Work Permit, Study Permit, and More

A visa allows you to stay in Canada for a short period and may permit you to work, study, or just travel. While you don't need an immigration lawyer to apply for a visa, you may find the process easier if you do engage the legal services of one. Jasmin Sandhu can support you through the whole process.

Refugee Claims and the Refugee Protection Division

In Canada, you may claim asylum at land, sea, and air borders. You will usually be asked to fill out applications by the Border Office, but immigration lawyers can support you and be by your side to ensure that you get the help you need.

Jasmin Sandhu has been working as an immigration lawyer for many years and has the experience necessary to take on any number of complex refugee and asylum cases.


Whether you're appealing a visa rejection or you're going through the process with the Immigration Appeal Division, legal representation is a must. Jasmin Sandhu will be able to support you no matter the case and has helped clients from all over Woodbridge already.

Judicial Review

Judicial reviews take place when a decision is to be challenged and they go through the Federal Court of Canada. If you're challenging a decision on an immigration case, Jasmin Sandhu Law can help you out.

Permanent Residence

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada can be a lengthy process. If you're applying for permanent residency here, you can rely on the immigration services offered by Jasmin Sandhu. She'll support you through the entire process and will also help you if you need to appeal a decision.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

If you're applying to become a Canadian citizen, you will need to settle in for a long and complicated process. Jasmin Sandhu Law can offer impeccable services throughout to ensure that you have the right representation and understand the process every step of the way.

Language Services in Woodbridge

Jasmin Sandhu Law is incredibly proud to offer services in three different languages. These are Punjabi, Hindi, and English. It means that Jasmin can understand complex immigration issues and support clients from all walks of life. Jasmin is dedicated to accessibility.

Immigration Process

The Canadian immigration process can be difficult to navigate on your own and with so many programs, including the federal skilled worker program and federal skilled trades program, having good legal representation is a great idea.

Jasmin Sandhu is committed to supporting Woodbridge residents in their immigration application or appeal hearing. She is passionate about every one of her client's cases and will work to ensure you get what you need.

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