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Jasmin Sandhu is an Ontario-based lawyer, a member of the Law Society of Ontario, and a Notary Public in Ontario. Through her law firm, Jasmin Sandhu Law, she offers legal services to clients across Toronto.

Immigration Lawyer, Brampton

For an immigration lawyer in Brampton, Canada, look no further than Jasmin Sandhu law.
Jasmin Sandhu offers comprehensive legal services to clients in the area, looking for support in areas of immigration law.
With the Peel Art Gallery and multiple conservation parks, Brampton is a beautiful and lively town in which Jasmin does lots of work. Find out more about Canadian immigration services offered by Jasmin Sandhu in Brampton below.

Immigration Services in Brampton

Jasmin Sandhu provides a number of necessary services to Brampton clients. These include the following.

Visa Applications: Work Permit, Study Permit, and More

Visas can be difficult to attain without the help of legal representation, especially if you have a previous refusal. An immigration lawyer can help ensure that your application goes through seamlessly and support you if it is rejected. This will help you to live, work, or study legally in Canada.

Refugee Claims and the Refugee Protection Division

Claimants of refugee status may be asked to complete application forms by Border Offices, and you can apply for asylum at any port of entry in the country. A lawyer will be able to support you through this process.


Jasmin Sandhu can help you to navigate appeals through the Refugee Appeal Division and Immigration Appeal Division. She will work diligently to ensure you get the fairest decision possible.

Judicial Review

For representation at the Federal Court of Canada, you will need strong legal representation. This process helps you refute an erroneous initial decision. Employing an immigration lawyer will help you in these cases where the review concerns an immigration application.

Permanent Residence

Becoming a permanent resident of Canada requires you to go through long applications and includes many programs, including spousal sponsorships, family sponsorships for foreign family members, and more.
If your application for permanent residence is rejected, you'll also need help with the appeal. Jasmin Sandhu can represent you in a number of immigration matters and support you throughout the entire process.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

Like permanent resident status, obtaining Canadian citizenship can be a long and extremely complex process, but Jasmin Sandhu will support you in all cases with the immigration authorities.

Language Services in Brampton

To ensure that all clients in Brampton can access the services provided by Jasmin Sandhu Law, Jasmin offers them in many languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, and English. She knows how important it is for everyone to be able to access good legal advice.
From permanent residency applicants to those seeking a temporary resident visa, Jasmin can help you attain your desired immigration status without any language barriers.

Immigration Process

The immigration process can be very overwhelming, even if you have the help of a law office and it differs from other systems of law, like criminal law and family law. The best immigration lawyers will support you through the entire process, ensuring you understand what is happening every step of the way.
Jasmin Sandhu Law strives to ensure that all clients are treated with respect and given full assurance that justice will always be fought for.

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