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Jasmin Sandhu Law is a law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Jasmin is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public in the province of Ontario. Any issues relating to Canadian immigration law should be handled by Jasmin Sandhu Law.

Immigration Law Firm Serving Markham

Located in the region of York, Markham is a fantastic place to live and work. Like many places in the area, it is known for its conservation areas, parks, and other outdoor spaces. It is the perfect place for those looking for a slower pace of life and a quiet space away from the city.

As an Ontario-based law firm, Jasmin Sandhu often carries out business in the Markham area, and she can help you, too!

Immigration Services For Markham Residents

The immigration services that Jasmin Sandhu offers are below. 

Visa Applications: Work Permits, Student Visas, Study Permits, and More

The Jasmin Sandhu Law Office has worked in immigration for a long time. Jasmin has lots of experience handling visa applications. A visa allows you to reside in Canada for a short period. In some cases, you may work or study too.

The visa application process can sometimes be a little complicated, and working with an immigration lawyer can help make the process smoother. Jasmin has experience with various visa types, including study permits and work visas.

Refugee Claims

You may seek asylum in Canada at any port of entry, whether land, air, or sea. You will be asked to fill in a claim form.

Claiming refugee status can be a long process in Canada, so it is always recommended that you work with an immigration and refugee lawyer. Jasmin Sandhu has years of experience handling refugee claims, so if you need support with a refugee claim, she should be your first call.


Jasmin Sandhu offers appeals services in immigration-related matters. These may include denied spousal sponsorships, issues with residency applications, or removal orders. If you're currently looking for a lawyer in Ontario to support you through an appeal, call Jasmin now.

Judicial Review

Judicial review in Canada is a multi-step process. It takes place in the Federal Court of Canada and ensures that any decisions made by administrative authorities are fair, reasonable, correct, and lawful.

Examples of judicial review cases include refusal of permanent residence, some spousal cases, refused work permits, and other refused visas. Jasmin Sandhu can support you with all of these and more.

Permanent Residence in Canada

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada gives you the right to reside, study, work, and the chance to apply to be a Canadian citizen‌. Applications can take a long time, but Jasmin can work with you through the whole process to ensure you feel supported and understand what is going on.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

Applications for Canadian citizenship will take a long time, but it is entirely worth it. There are many requirements and criteria to apply, and an experienced immigration lawyer like Jasmin Sandhu can support you with the process.

Jasmin has worked on many Canadian citizenship applications in her time, and as such, she has the necessary understanding to ensure all goes smoothly for you.

Language Services

Jasmin Sandhu offers services in several languages to ensure everyone can access the legal services they need. Languages she provides services in include English, Punjabi, and Hindi. Using these languages means Jasmin can fully understand your case and give you the best legal help possible.

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If you're looking for an immigration lawyer serving Markham, you have come to the right place. Jasmin Sandhu offers a wide range of immigration services in Ontario, and she can support you in three different languages.

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