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Jasmin Sandhu Law is an immigration law firm working across Ontario, including in Oshawa. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public in Ontario, Jasmin Sandhu has got the expertise to help you with a range of immigration issues.

Immigration Law Firm in Oshawa, Ontario

If you need support navigating the complex world of Canadian immigration law, then Jasmin Sandhu can help. Whether you need support with business immigration, a specific immigration program, or a visa application in Oshawa, Jasmin's years of experience means she's the right person for the job.

Sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario, Oshawa is known as the 'Automotive Capital of Canada.' It has a rich history and is a fantastic place to live and work. Jasmin Sandhu has supported a number of clients in the area, and she can help you, too.

Immigration Services in Oshawa

The immigration services offered by Jasmin Sandhu Law Office are detailed below.

Visa Application: Work Permit, Study Permit, and More

Canadian visas allow you to reside, travel, and even work in the country, depending on the type you get. While you don't need an immigration lawyer to apply for a visa, you may want to seek out the services of one to ensure the whole process is seamless.

Jasmin Sandhu has taken on many visa applications in her practice, and she can handle yours, too.

Refugee Claims and the Refugee Protection Division

In Canada, you may claim asylum at any port of entry, be it land, air or sea. You will be asked to fill out the asylum application by the Border Office, but having the support of a Canadian immigration law firm, like Jasmin Sandhu Law, can ensure the process is stress-free.

Refugee claims are sometimes more complex than other immigration cases, so working with an experienced lawyer, like Jasmin, is a great idea.


Appeals in the area of immigration law usually involve rejections for visa applications and permanent residency. If you have recently been rejected, Jasmin Sandhu Law can help file an appeal.

Judicial Review

A judicial review takes place in the Federal Court of Canada and is a challenge to a decision on your application. If your judicial review concerns immigration law, then Jasmin Sandhu can help you through it, offering legal advice and ensuring you get the desired outcome.

Permanent Residence

Applying to become a permanent resident in Canada is a complex process. It's likely to take a long time and having legal representation throughout will ensure things run smoothly. Jasmin Sandhu handles many permanent resident cases in her work, and she can handle yours, too.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

The process of applying for Canadian citizenship can be complex and arduous, but with the right immigration lawyer, it can be relatively stress-free. Jasmin Sandhu has worked with clients across Ontario to gain Canadian citizenship and she has the experience to support your application for citizenship.

Language Services in Oshawa

At Jasmin Sandhu Law, accessibility is key. This is why all services are offered in three languages; Punjabi, Hindi, and English. Conducting services in a number of languages means that Jasmin can understand the complexities of your case and work with clients from all walks of life.

Immigration Process

Whatever the immigration matter you need support with in Canada, seeking the services of an immigration lawyer is always going to make the process simpler. With their guidance, you're likely to avoid appeals and rejections and be able to immigrate to Canada seamlessly.

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