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Jasmin Sandhu is a Canadian immigration lawyer serving in the province of Ontario, including in the town of Oakville. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public, Jasmin has the experience and knowledge to help you with various immigration matters.


Immigration Law Firm Serving Oakville, Ontario


Oakville is well-known for its beautiful harbours, vibrant shopping scene and impeccable dining options. As such, Jasmin has always enjoyed helping residents of the area with the immigration process.

Jasmin offers her services across Ontario, so if you need an immigration lawyer in Oakville, she should be your first call!


Immigration Services


Find out more about the legal services offered by Jasmin Sandhu below.


Visa Applications: Study Permits, Working in Canada, and More


Visas allow you to stay in Canada for a short period. Foreign nationals can apply for many kinds of visas, including work permits, visas for studying in Canada, and more.

While not essential, hiring an immigration lawyer to support you through the visa application process can help ensure everything goes smoothly. Visa applications can be rejected for minor errors, so to avoid a rejection like this, contact Jasmin Sandhu today.


Refugee Claims


Canadian immigration law states that a person may apply for refugee status at any of our borders, be it land, air, or sea. The refugee process can be long, so it is advisable to work with an immigration lawyer to ensure your claim is accepted.

Jasmin has worked on many refugee claims while working in immigration law. This experience means she is best placed to support you through the process and make it as seamless as possible.




Launching an appeal of a legal decision requires a rigorous and well-planned argument, for which a lawyer is absolutely essential. For immigration law, appeals can include rejected visas, refused sponsorships, and more.

Jasmin Sandhu has years of experience handling appeals of all kinds. You can rely on her for the best possible outcome in your immigration appeal case.


Judicial Review


Taking place in the Federal Court of Canada, a judicial review is used to ensure that a decision made by an administrative authority in Canada is fair, correct, reasonable, and lawful. It differs from an appeal and is not a chance to re-argue your case.

If you're considering applying for a judicial review of an immigration case, an experienced immigration lawyer like Jasmin Sandhu is a must.


Permanent Residence


If you're looking to apply for permanent resident status in Canada, then legal help is required. You will need to meet specific criteria and undergo a rigorous application process to be successful.

Permanent residence in Canada may include sponsorship from a family member as well as a range of business immigration schemes, like the Federal Skilled Workers program.


Canadian Citizenship Applications


If you have chosen to immigrate to Canada and would eventually like to become a citizen of the country, then the support of an immigration lawyer will be critical.

The application process is lengthy and requires you to meet various criteria, but once you have achieved citizenship, you will have more rights within Canada. Jasmin Sandhu can support those making citizenship applications.


Language Services


Jasmin Sandhu aims to make all of her services as accessible as possible. For this reason, she offers services in three languages: English, Punjabi, and Hindi. She is committed to ensuring all of her clients can get the help they need, and by providing services in these languages, Jasmin can get a thorough understanding of each and every case.

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If you're looking for an immigration lawyer serving Markham, you have come to the right place. Jasmin Sandhu offers a wide range of immigration services in Ontario, and she can support you in three different languages.

If you need support with an immigration or refugee case, contact Jasmin now.